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Air Conditioning Coil Cleaning

Air conditioners do not add chilled air to your home, but rather remove heat which can add a lot of comfort to you, your family, and business customers. Being such a powerful machine, air conditioners need to be monitored and serviced to keep running efficiently and effectively, especially in the Colorado area. If you’re constantly finding yourself setting the air conditioner thermostat to 74 but the internal temperature won’t ever go below 79, then it is very likely the air conditioner coils are dirty. 

At Planet Duct, we take your entire HVAC system into consideration. As a NADCA certified air duct cleaning company in Colorado Springs, we understand that your air ducts and air conditioning system go hand-in-hand, which is why we offer A/C Coil Cleaning in El Paso County. It is our goal to ensure that your home or business is running efficiently in order to keep everyone comfortable and safe while keeping your utility bill down.

How Air Conditioner Coils Work

Air Conditioners are made up of both an outdoor unit and an indoor unit. The outdoor unit, or the condenser, dissipates the heat that has been absorbed from the indoor unit, also known as the evaporator. While the air conditioner is running, air is drawn through the conditioner coil. Naturally, various earthly contaminates in the air will be pulled into the air conditioner and cause dirt and grime to build up throughout the coils and overall system.

Air Conditioning system with freshly cleaned AC coils by Planet Duct

Benefits Of Cleaning Air Conditioner Coils

Dirty air conditioning coils have an out-of-this-world ripple effect on your A/C system, your home, and your utility bill. Dirty A/C coils cause overheating due to the fact that there is less surface room for heat to be removed which slows down the efficiency of your air conditioning unit causing less cooling to occur. During this time, your unit will be working overtime just to be less effective, which has a severe impact on your electric bill. Having the professional service that Planet Duct provides for your air conditioning coils will improve the efficiency of your unit, add life to your A/C, lower your electricity bill, and keep you and your family comfortable. 

The Planet Duct Process

At Planet Duct, we want to improve your quality of life by improving the machines and systems that provide everyday convenience. When our powerful vacuum truck (or spaceship, as we like to call it) and/or our other equipment arrives at your home or business, our technician will begin a thorough inspection of your unit before providing a transparent recommendation. During the cleaning process, a combination of air and tools will remove small amounts of debris from your air conditioning coils and then we will utilize special solvents to remove the rest of the “dark matter” from your coils. State-of-the art tools such as foaming coil cleaner, steam cleaners, and more will be used to make your coils shine brighter than the north star. Our experienced professionals will use the very best machines and trained techniques to keep your home planet running efficiently. 

dirty air conditioning coil

Planet Duct Colorado Springs Get a Free Estimate Today

Living in Colorado Springs, it is vital to have your air conditioning coils inspected and cleaned yearly to ensure they are working correctly to produce the best possible outcome. It is very common for units to become clogged within one season of use, so give our expert technicians a call today to schedule a A/C Coil cleaning inspection. Stay cool under the cosmos all summer long with Planet Duct!