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Air Duct Cleaning Process

Planet Duct is proud to be a certified air duct cleaning specialist in El Paso County, serving hundreds of families and businesses in Colorado Springs, Falcon, Monument, Castle Rock, Fountain, Pueblo, and beyond. As a BBB accredited business and NADCA certified air duct cleaning company, we take cleaning seriously, by investing in our technicians, certifications, and continued education to be the best we can possibly be. It is through our extensive training that we have developed a superior, 12 step air duct cleaning process that sets us apart from other discount air duct cleaning companies. We take the time to evaluate each step during our appointment to ensure a job well done. Take a look at our process below, and see how we take care of our clients from the first consultation to the final walk through.

Step 1: Scheduling Your Air Duct Cleaning

From the moment you schedule an appointment with us, you will experience our 5-star customer service our company proudly provides from first contact. During this first scheduling call, we will answer any question concerning our air duct cleaning services, processes, pricing, and any other concerns you might have. You can also book an air duct cleaning appointment online or receive a free estimate to start the 12 step process to obtaining cleaner, safer indoor air for your family or business!

Step 2: Our Powerful Truck Arrives

After an appointment has been scheduled, we will promptly arrive within the agreed upon time. Timeliness and professionalism is of the utmost importance to us as an air duct cleaning company. When we reach your coordinates, our duct cleaning equipment, capable of pulling 5000 -13,000 CFM, will dock, ready to take action.

Our powerful cleaning systems are able to clear out even the dirtiest air vents. For hard to reach ventilation systems like those in attics, high rise offices or secret squirrel facilities, we can use our Hypervac portable systems with MERV 17 HEPA filtration. This allows us to trap even tiny airborne particles down to .3 micron. The Planet Duct airships can handle the dirtiest of jobs your air ducts may pose.

Step 3: Meeting the Technicians

We are an NADCA certified company at Planet Duct, which means our standards for properly cleaning your air ducts are as high as the stratosphere. All of our technicians have extensive education and experience inspecting ventilation in addition to cleaning them with cutting-edge technology. We will greet you at the door and ensure that all your questions have been answered before starting the pre-cleaning inspection.

Step 4: Pre-Cleaning Inspection

During this step, our crew members will begin by evaluating your ventilation system. The crew will identify the location of each supply register and return grill. They will look for the best system access points and look for any special equipment like Electrostatic filters, humidifiers or UV-C Sanitizing equipment. The cleaning technician will be looking for dirt, dust, hair, debris, grime, animal droppings, mold, or moisture. During this time, we will discuss your primary concerns and our service options.

Step 5: Protecting Your Home

Our crew members care about your home or business and we take extra measures to protect your space. Our crew members will lay down drop cloths from our entry point to your furnace. They will also set up corner guards to protect your walls and furnishings. Planet Duct crew members wear shoe covers while inside to protect your flooring as well.

To ensure the contaminants in your air ducts are not blown throughout your home, we will mask over every supply register and return grill. Planet Duct crew members will also mask over the furnace filter, to isolate the supply side from the return side of the system.

When the system is under vacuum (suction) we will work on 1 register or grill at a time, while all other grills are masked. This provides selective suction at the single area we working on. As a vent is completed, it will be re-masked before going on to the next. Our powerful vacuum, vent masking and selective suction techniques prevent cross contamination in you home or business. This is something carpet cleaners and other amateur space cadets cannot accomplish.

Step 6: Creating Access Points

After protecting your home by sealing your air ducts, we will create access points by drilling an eight-inch and a four-inch  access hose in each of the supply and return main trunks or the return drop. We use the 8-inch hole to attach our powerful vacuum hose to your system, and the four-inch hole is used for pneumatic agitation tools, rotary brushes and camera access. In some areas, we will make one-inch access holes for our air whips that will later be sealed with one-inch plastic plugs. The four and eight inch access holes will be sealed later with 26 gauge galvanized steel plates using zip screws and metal tape, in accordance with the NADCA standards.

Step 7: Connecting Our Equipment

Now that the prep work is complete, we connect our eight-inch vacuum hose from our air ship directly to the return trunk. We activate our vacuum system and start whipping out and rotary brushing the two sides of your ventilation system, taking before and after photos as we work.

We will also be cleaning the return drop, the blower wheel and the blower compartment. Our crewmembers will also inspect the AC coils to determine if they are impacted and in need of Type 2, (Wet Method) cleaning. If the coils are soiled and need deep cleaning, the technician will present that service option for approval before proceeding.

Step 8: Debris Removal & Air Duct Cleaning

Now that everything has been properly sealed and our equipment has been connected to your vents, we will turn on our powerful vacuum truck or Hypervac 220 and begin clearing your entire ventilation system of any debris. 5,000-13,000 CFM is more than enough negative airflow to clean any ventilation system. The bulk of debris will be stored safely in our truck through the air duct cleaning suction hose. 

After clearing your vents of loose dust, debris, allergens, and more, we will use our various portable cleaning tools for a fine detail cleaning. Air whips, directional nozzles, and rotary brush systems will thoroughly clean every crack and crevice of the trunk lines. The return drop, blower wheel, and filter compartment will all be detailed as well, using pneumatic tools and natural cleaners. 

To ensure our air duct cleaning equipment doesn’t leave any grime or dust on your floor or carpet, we will lay a protective tarp along the supply and return line. The supply and return line is the line between our systems and the inner workings of your vents. Our air duct cleaning hose is durable and wide enough to pull and contain any amount of debris, even retrieve lost items in your ducts.

Step 9: Antimicrobial and Anti-Odor Treatments

After the debris and contaminants have been removed, we may be applying an antimicrobial or anti-odor treatments. We have several solutions available to treat mold, mildew, fungus, bacteria, viruses and odors.

Some solutions have a strong odor that last for about an hour and then dissipate. Some clients choose this time to run errands or otherwise find somewhere else to be for about an hour. Ask your Planet Duct technician about the different options.

Step 10: Sealing Access Points

We will do a final inspection to ensure that your air ducts have been cleaned and take more “AFTER” photos. The system will then be sealed with the galvanized steel plates, plugs, screws and tape. The great thing about the plates and plugs is the access holes can be used again in 3-5 years when we come back. These access holes are also very handy if you need to have us retrieve any items that the kids accidentally drop down your air ducts, like toys, family heirlooms or a hamster.

Step 11: Seeing Results

All of our customers are shocked by the amount of debris that was previously in their air vents. It is always a pleasure to reveal the end results of our air duct cleaning services. The results will simply blow you away! If you would like, we will also send you the before and after pictures.

Step 12: Final Walk Through

As courtesy of being in your home, we will clean up your home, vacuuming any debris we may have left from our air duct cleaning services. When everything looks good, we will proceed to payment. We accept all major credit cards, cash, and payment methods. Thank you for choosing Planet Duct as your #1 air duct cleaning company in Colorado Springs!

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