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Air ducts are the respiratory system of your home. Intaking air and expelling it through the elaborate duct system keeps air flowing throughout your home, while controlling temperature.  Whenever your air conditioner or heater is circulating air inside your home, that air travels via the ducts to each room, adjusting the temperature to reflect your thermostat settings. If you notice, that despite your best efforts, that there is no temperature consistency between rooms, then your air ducts may have leaks or issues leading to the seepage of air. This can be a Sirius issue that costs you money and energy.

As air duct specialists at Planet Duct, we understand the frustration of inefficient air vents, and how they can affect mission quality. Home air duct sealing is one of the simplest steps that you can take to maximize airflow, save money on your utility bill, and prolong the life of your HVAC system. Planet Duct is proud to offer air duct sealing with our esteemed partner, GreenGo, a local environmentally conscious service provider and educator. Stop wasting your money on leaky vents and secure your ducts with Planet Duct and GreenGo. Make sure your spaceship is airtight before taking off! We orbit El Paso County and Southern Colorado, searching for fellow space travelers in need of sealing assistance.

Aeroseal Certified Dealer

The Planet Duct team is over the moon to announce that we are now a Certified Aeroseal Dealer for your duct sealing needs! Whether your home needs its ducts sealed for maximum energy conservation, or you want to invest in solar to reduce your carbon footprint, we have you covered. 

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Benefits of Air Duct Sealing

Eco-Friendly and Energy Efficient

If your home is plagued by rooms that are too cold or too hot, then your air ducts are most likely leaking air. When you get your air ducts sealed by Planet Duct, this solves the problem of leakage. In many cases, the simple process of air duct sealing improves energy efficiency by up to 20%. Areas of your home that previously failed to stay well-balanced will now become precisely regulated shuttles of comfort, no longer will they be affected by the temperature outer-side. In partnership with GreenGo we want to make sure your home is living up to the eco-friendly life you aspire for! 

Lengthen The Life of Your HVAC System

As air leaks from the ducts, your system needs to work harder to maintain the temperature. Overtime, the hard work takes a toll on the HVAC equipment and it is more likely to fail sooner rather than later. HVAC duct sealing methods are much cheaper, and alleviate the extra work from your system. As a professional air duct sealing company, we provide the best service to maintain the health of your HVAC system and save you money down the line. Our duct sealing compound works hard for your system, keeping it efficiently flowing for up to 25 years after application.

Consistent Airflow and Quality

One thing many people do not consider when they think of their air ducts being leaky, is the fact that the ducts can pull air from these seepage points as well. Areas that contain lots of dirt, debris, dust, and bacteria like the attic or crawlspace can have their air seep into the vents and circulate through the home. By opting to professionally seal your air ducts with Planet Duct, you are stopping the cycle of new debris being introduced into the home via leaky points in the ducts. If an air duct sealing is done in combination with our air duct cleaning service, the air quality and airflow of your home will improve greatly.

Signs Your Ducts Need Sealing

Signs Your Ducts Need Sealing

Our Duct Sealing Process

As a company providing air duct sealing in Colorado Springs, we have the expertise, equipment, and training needed to seal your air ducts. No matter how many leaks we find, we guarantee that they will be filled quickly, efficiently, and professionally. Our partnership with GreenGo ensures that your home will be more energy-efficient once we finish sealing the air ducts. The whole air duct sealing service only takes 4-6 hours and we make sure to involve you from start to finish.

  1. We begin by having our trained team conduct an exploratory look to see where the leaks are in your air ducts system. From the supply side where the air comes out, to the intake side where the air comes in, we examine it all. This is done by simply blocking your air vents and finding where the air is seeping out from. 
  2. Once we locate the leakage points, they can be precisely targeted and sealed with our duct sealing compound that acts like glue. This sealant adapts to the expansion of your air ducts while they work. After applying the sealant and sealing the ductwork from the inside, the smell of it (usually a glue-type smell) will linger as it dries. We make sure to open windows and doors to help alleviate the smell. The smell dissipates quickly, when the process is completed.
  3. Once we are finished sealing, you are provided with a report that goes over the leakage occurring before and the improvement after completion. This is a great way for you to see and understand how efficient your air ducts will be moving forward versus how poorly they were performing prior to the sealing. 
  4. From here, your ducts have been sealed! If on the report, you notice that there were many areas of leakage, it may be beneficial to then schedule an air duct cleaning with us. This will get rid of any remaining dirt and debris that was accumulating in the ducts from the seepage points we sealed.

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We pride ourselves as being the final frontier of your air duct needs. Putting our team of air duct specialists to work for Colorado’s Front Range inspires us to shoot for the stars. Whether you live in Colorado Springs, Monument, Castle Rock, Pueblo, Peyton, Falcon, Fountain or beyond, our highly trained technicians are prepared to take action and make sure your vents are sealed and space ready! Contact us today to schedule your duct sealing appointment to maximize the comfort of your home and minimize your utility bills and eco-footprint. 

Looking to go even further beyond the reaches of duct sealing? Our partner GreenGo has you covered! Whether you need to add solar options for stellar energy savings or you want to find the best energy reduction package for your home, they have you covered!