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HVAC Duct Sealing in Colorado Springs

Air ducts are the respiratory system of your home. Whenever your air conditioner or heater runs, air is circulated throughout your house via the ducts, adjusting the temperature to reflect your thermostat settings. If you notice that parts of your home are warmer or colder than others, your air ducts may be leaking.

Leaky ducts can cost you energy and money since your heated or cooled air is escaping into the walls rather than making it to your living areas. Stop wasting your money on leaky vents, and secure your ducts with your local Duct Armor and Aeroseal dealer. Planet Duct orbits El Paso County and Southern Colorado, searching for fellow space travelers who need sealing or duct cleaning assistance.

Aeroseal Certified Dealer

The Planet Duct team is over the moon to announce that we are now a Certified Aeroseal Dealer

Aeroseal uses a non-toxic, water-based formula to strategically seal leaks in your HVAC system. Our trained Aeroseal technicians will block all vents and registers and pressurize your system to find out exactly where air is escaping. Since we’ll know where to distribute sealant, we create almost no waste and no mess.

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Duct Armor Vs. Aeroseal

At Planet Duct, we offer two top-of-the-line duct sealing options to meet the needs of your home or business. Keep reading to learn which is right for you!

Duct Armor

Duct Armor is a rubberized liner that adds an extra layer of protection and durability to your entire air duct system. Duct Armor is a great choice if…

  • You need to contain mold, smoke, or asbestos in your duct system.
  • Your ducts are damaged beyond normal leakage.
  • Your family or employees are suffering from severe allergies or other respiratory issues.


Aeroseal is not a duct liner. Instead, it is a non-toxic adhesive that we apply directly to system leaks. Aeroseal might be right for you if…

  • Parts of your home or business are consistently different temperatures.
  • You have high energy bills.
  • Your air ducts are otherwise in relatively good condition.

Benefits of Air Duct Sealing

Lower Your Energy Bill

Duct sealing can improve energy efficiency by up to 20%. Areas of your home that were consistently too hot or too cold will now become precisely regulated shuttles of comfort. Not only will you save money on your utility bills, but you’ll be doing planet Earth a favor by using resources wisely.

Lengthen the Life of Your HVAC System

As air leaks from the ducts, your system must work harder to maintain the temperature. This takes a toll on HVAC equipment, making it more likely to fail. HVAC duct sealing methods are much cheaper than replacing your whole system and can keep air flowing efficiently for up to 25 years after application.

Improve Indoor Air Quality

Dirt, debris, and bacteria can easily enter your duct system through leaks and circulate in your home. By professionally sealing your air ducts with Planet Duct, you can be confident that the air that you’re breathing is clean and healthy. You may even notice fewer seasonal allergies.

Signs Your Ducts Need Sealing

Signs Your Ducts Need Sealing

Our Duct Sealing Process

Planet Duct offers Aeroseal and Duct Armor services in Colorado Springs. No matter how many leaks we find, our duct sealing technicians will fill them quickly, efficiently, and professionally.

The whole air duct sealing service takes 4-6 hours, and we make sure to involve you from start to finish. Our process varies depending on whether you opt for Aeroseal or Duct Armor, but here’s what you can expect at your appointment:

  1. We begin by having our trained team inspect your duct system to find the leaks.
  2. Next, our duct seal technicians will apply either the Aeroseal formula or Duct Armor rubberized lining to your ducts.
  3. Once we finish, we’ll do a final review to ensure your leakage issue has been solved. With Aeroseal, you’ll receive a report with before and after leakage measurements so you can see the difference in efficiency.
  4. Enjoy cleaner air and energy savings!

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We pride ourselves on being the final frontier of your air duct needs. Whether you live in Colorado Springs, Monument, Castle Rock, Pueblo, Peyton, Falcon, Fountain, or beyond, our highly trained technicians are prepared to take action and ensure your vents are sealed and space ready! Contact us today to schedule your duct sealing appointment to maximize the comfort of your home and minimize your utility bills and eco-footprint.