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Colorado Springs is home to not only the beautiful rocky mountains but also the greatest certified air duct cleaning specialist in El Paso County! At Planet Duct, we work hard to ensure that you are getting the very best service by investing in cutting-edge technology and training our NADCA certified staff to provide out-of-this-world results. We’ve quickly climbed the ladder in the industry, serving both home and business owners all over Colorado Springs. We provide air duct cleaning for residential and commercial use, alongside other services such as dryer vent cleaning, A/C coil cleaning, odor removal and anti-microbial removal. If you’re ready to blast allergens into the cosmos, contact us at Planet Duct for a duct cleaning estimate.

Our Duct Cleaning Services


The quality of your indoor air should be as clean as the fresh air outside your window. That’s why Planet Duct serves homeowners throughout the Colorado Springs region to ensure that you and / or your family are breathing the clean air you deserve to stay healthy. If you or your family have respiratory issues, we highly recommend getting your air ducts cleaned every three years as it can prevent nasty side effects such as coughing, headaches, congestion, eye and throat irritation, sneezing for you and your family.


Colorado Springs has hundreds of businesses with thousands of employees. Ensuring their safety is one of the main responsibilities of any business owner. Planet Duct recommends doing yearly cleanings for your business, so that each of your employees can breathe assured they are only getting the very best. In addition, cleaning your air ducts can actually save up to 20% on your utility bills. It’s a win-win for any business owners to get their air vents checked by professionals who know their craft. 


Protecting your home and your family from dryer fires starts with regular maintenance and dryer vent cleaning. If you want to protect your family, save money on energy bills, and even increase the lifespan of your dryer you need to have professional clean your dryer vents. At Planet Duct we recommend yearly dryer vent cleaning to extend the life of the dryer and to ensure that it is running efficiently. Contact us today to get your dryer vents cleaned or learn why it is important to clean your dryer vents by visiting; Why Should I Have My Dryer Vents Cleaned?


Planet Duct is your one stop for all air duct cleaning services in Colorado Springs. We provide dryer vent cleaning, A/C coiling cleaning, odor removal and anti-microbial removal services, in addition to our air duct cleaning services. Each of these services offers distinct advantages for your home or business, such as preventing dangerous fires, lowering electricity costs, increasing the efficiency of your HVAC system, and more. Contact us today to learn about the benefits of each of these air duct cleaning services. 



Planet Duct loves to serve Colorado Springs by helping home-owners and businesses to clear the air vents so they can breathe air that rivals the purity of Colorado’s natural air. Below is a list of neighborhoods and surrounding areas we serve. If you don’t see your location, contact us as we most likely serve your region and would be happy to provide an estimate.



At Planet Duct, we are proud to be the number one air duct cleaning service in Colorado Springs. We are your one stop for every air duct cleaning service, including A/C coiling cleaning, dryer vent cleaning and odor / anti-microbial removal. We are constantly looking to improve the quality of our services to make your home or business a comfortable and safe place for all. Our reputation in Colorado Springs has grown tremendously because we feel customer service is just as important as providing galactic results for your home or business. 

Feel free to contact us and get a quote by clicking below. We would be happy to give you an estimate and set up your next appointment. We proudly serve all of Douglas County including Colorado Springs, Castle Rock, and Pueblo, CO.

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Planet Duct is home to Colorado Springs with our office close to Cheyenne Mountain and Pikes peak!  If you have questions or concerns about cleaning your air ducts, ask the professionals. We would love to talk to you. Our NADCA certified staff will answer any questions related to air duct cleaning, including A/C coil cleaning, odor removal, anti-microbial removal and dryer vent cleaning.

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