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Commercial Duct Cleaning

Running a successful business is dependent on a standard set of objectives: maximize profits, provide a satisfying, healthy environment for your employees and customers, and ensure the longevity of your building. One of the best ways to fulfill all of these goals is to invest in annual, professional commercial duct cleaning and dryer vent services. As a commercial duct cleaning company in Colorado Springs, we actively promote business education when it comes to regular duct and HVAC maintenance. Getting your ducts and vents cleaned can actually lower your utility bills, improve the health of your employees and customers, and reduce safety concerns such as mold in air ducts or debris build-up in dryer vents that can easily lead to dryer fires. At Planet Duct, we are proud to provide comprehensive, quality air duct cleaning services to business owners and building managers throughout Colorado Springs and El Paso County. 

Our Commercial Duct Services

At Planet Duct, our experienced, thoroughly trained, and NADCA certified team of air duct cleaners is ready to assist any commercial entity throughout Colorado Springs. Getting your commercial ducts cleaned helps improve indoor air quality, promote a safe environment, and lower utility bills. With our high powered commercial air duct cleaning equipment, we provide the best duct services that are stronger than the vacuum of space.

Our commercial services include comprehensive duct cleaning and dryer vent cleaning, provided by our top-of-the-line powerful duct cleaning truck (or airship, as we call it) and our other equipment. With this, we are able to pull 13,000 CFM of airflow, ensuring that your ducts and vents are thoroughly cleaned. We don’t just blow air around — we are equipped with enough power, vibration, and suction to thoroughly clean the vents in your commercial building, so you can continuing raising your bottom line and creating a safer, healthier environment for your workspace. 

Air Duct Cleaning

Commercial air duct cleaning should be a regular maintenance step of every commercial building. Getting your air ducts professionally cleaned benefits your bottom line by lowering your monthly utility bill, decreasing sick days, and reducing risk. Maintenance fees take a hard hit on your P&L when equipment breaks down, and HVAC systems are no exception, so annual air duct cleaning is a great way to lengthen the life of your system and avoid the dreaded severe maintenance call. At Planet Duct, we have what it takes to clean your commercial duct system the right way. With our high powered vacuums, we completely eradicate the dust and debris that have collected during your day-to-day operations. Planet Duct also performs Commercial Ventilation System Inspections and Anti-Microbial Duct Treatments in Colorado Springs.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Whether you are a landlord overseeing a busy residential complex or manage a laundry facility that cares for busy residents, commercial dryer vent cleaning services are vital to maintain the efficiency of your dryers, decrease the risk of clothes dryer fires, and lower your business’s utility bill. Commercial dryer fires lead to millions in losses annually and have a startling 78% higher risk of injury than residential dryer fires. While most people know to remove lint from dryer vents between loads, you can’t be expected to manage each experience, so the best way to prevent dryer fires is to have your vents inspected at least once per year and professionally cleaned in order to remove built up debris. Dryer vent cleaning will improve the efficiency of your dryers, ultimately promoting business and retaining customers. 

A/C Coil Cleaning

In order to maintain a comfortable work space and business environment for guests, it is important to properly maintain your air conditioning system. If your A/C coils are not properly cleaned and maintained, then your system will not run efficiently, causing uncomfortable conditions as well as a higher electricity bill. As the coils become clogged, it is harder for the system to run effectively, so more energy is required even though it is not performing well. Professional A/C coil cleaning in Colorado Springs will allow your system to run more efficiently, decreasing your electricity bill, and improving conditions for your clients and employees. Planet Duct has everything your commercial building needs to run safely and effectively, saving you time and money in the longrun.

Commercial Industries we Serve

We are proud to orbit Southern Colorado at Planet Duct, serving El Paso County and beyond for commercial air duct cleaning. We are based in Colorado Springs, CO, and service commercial entities in Falcon, Black Forest, Fountain, Monument, Castle Rock, Teller County, Pueblo, and more. Planet Duct is able to lend our duct expertise to commercial businesses such as:

  • Restaurants
  • Retail Stores
  • Office Buildings
  • Laundromats
  • Medical Facilities
  • Schools
  • Residential complexes such as apartments, dorms, assisted living, etc. with communal laundry facilities
  • And more


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Our Commercial Duct
Cleaning Equipment

Planet Duct was established from the understanding that basic air duct cleaning services from carpet cleaning services or poorly trained technicians simply won’t cut it, especially on a commercial scale where businesses depend on a job well done. That’s why we have invested the time, training, and equipment needed for the best commercial air duct cleaning services in Colorado Springs. At your commercial building, you can expect your system to be treated with top notch, commercial-grade equipment designed to tackle even the deepest debris. Our team utilizes powerful directional nozzles, rotating heads, strong vacuums, air whips, rotary brushes, and more of various sizes to reach and tackle any space. Our dryer vent cleaning process includes snake-like tools that connect to reach even the most difficult spaces.


Commercial Duct Cleaning FAQ

We recommend having your commercial air ducts professionally cleaned every three to five years.

The cost of a typical commercial air duct cleaning will vary depending on factors, including the ease of access to the ducts, how dirty or how long it has been since the last cleaning, and what material your ducts are made of. Fortunately Planet Duct technicians are highly trained and skilled in cleaning commercial air ducts quickly and efficiently and will get the job done right the first time.

At Planet Duct, we utilize a variety of methods that are all designed to quickly and efficiently clean your air ducts so that you, your employees, and customers can breathe clean air. We use specialized tools that are designed to remove all debris and dust from the inside of your air ducts while also protecting them from any damages. We are motivated to completely clean your air ducts so that you can breath better and take advantage of saving money on your buildings energy bills. Take the first step to cleaner air and get a free quote today.

Yes, it is worth it. Having a professional clean your air ducts regularly will ensure that your systems last longer and that you reduce the risk of damages is reduced.  In addition to this, it also provides you, your employees, and your consumers better quality air. This applies to any commercial building. Just like in your private residence, multi-family homes or apartments can greatly benefit from air duct cleaning. In all cases we will be able to provide you with cleaner air and a more efficient heating and cooling system.

On average an air duct cleaning will take approximately an hour depending on the size of the building and the complexity of the system.

Fortunately for you, air duct cleaning is considered a necessary expense to operate your business and to maintain a clean environment for your consumers. This means that after incurring the expense of air duct cleaning, your business can deduct that from your taxes at the end of the year. At the end of the day, air duct cleaning allows you, your employees, and your consumers to breathe better, all while benefiting you financially. Get a free quote now and start breathing cleaner air.


At Planet Duct, we are proud to be the best NADCA air duct cleaning company in Southern Colorado, and it is our objective to actively promote and provide better indoor air quality for business owners across Colorado. We understand that while every project may not be the exact same, we are committed to utilizing our training and experience to leave you, your employees, and your customers with significantly improved indoor air quality. If you would like to breathe better, live better, and improve your bottom lines, then connect with us to receive a free quote.

For an air duct cleaning cost estimate please contact us or fill out the online form. We are a locally owned company in El Paso County and we are NADCA certified air duct, cleaning technicians. Read our five-star reviews, or give us a call to experience the powerful vacuum of space with Planet Duct.

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