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Duct Armor® Services

As an air duct cleaning company in Colorado Springs, Planet Duct is committed to using the highest quality products and processes to ensure your air ducts are clean and can distribute safe and clear air throughout your home or business. This is why we are a proud Duct Armor® Dealer. By installing Duct Armor®, we can restore your ducts so you can live and work comfortably and breathe easy.

Duct Armor®

Duct Armor® is an environmentally safe water-based latex liquid used specifically for coating & lining air ducts in various stages of deterioration. When deterioration of air ducts occurs, particles such as dust, mold, fungus, asbestos, and fiberglass become airborne and breathable. Duct Armor® stops the deterioration and restores the ductwork to a clean state by doing the following:

By addressing these issues with your air ducts, your home or business will have improved indoor air quality, allowing you, your family and your employees to enjoy a safe and healthy environment.

The Duct Armor® Process

As a Duct Armor Dealer, Planet Duct has provided our certified technicians with the necessary tools and training to properly install the duct lining. The Duct Armor® installation is a 3-step process: video inspection, application, enjoy.


Our technicians will conduct a video inspection of your ductwork. These videos provide a comprehensive report of findings with recommendations, which will allow them to gauge the condition of your air system determine the most effective way to restore your ducts.


After determining our approach, we will clean your ducts and repair any damaged ductwork and insulation, then begin installing the duct liner. This liner is a water-based product that is environmentally and family-friendly. Typically, the lining process takes 3-4 hours to complete.


Because the process is non-invasive, immediately following the installation of the duct liner, you can begin using your air duct system. This quick turnaround means no down time for air comfort in your home or business and you can begin enjoying all of the benefits of your newly restored system.

Duct Armor® FAQs

Do you offer Duct Armor® services for residential and commercial Buildings?

Yes, we can install Duct Armor® in both residential and commercial air duct systems, however, we specialize in commercial installations.

How long does the Duct Armor® installation take?

Duct Armor® installations take about 3-6 hours to complete. Although the completion time varies depending on the size of the air system, nearly all Duct Armor® services will be completed in a single day.

Can I stay in my home or business while Duct Armor® is being applied?

Yes. The proprietary Duct Armor® product is water-based, non-toxic, and environmentally safe. It also has a NFPA Class A fire rating.

Is Duct Armor® safe?

Yes, you can stay in your home or business as we apply it, and you will be using your HVAC before our technicians pull away from your property.

Does Duct Armor® come with a warranty?

Yes, Duct Armor® has a 15 year warranty against delamination.

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Get Duct Armor® Installed Today

If you are concerned about excessive dust, allergens, and other contaminants that could affect your respiratory system, get your air duct system restored. We are proud to provide Duct Armor® services  in Colorado Springs, and El Paso County, as well as Castle Rock and Pueblo County. Call the professionals at Planet Duct to install Duct Armor® in your ducts today.

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