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The Truth About Cleaning Your Air Ducts

Breathe Noticeably Fresher Air No Matter Where You Are

Homeowners (and business owners) in Colorado Springs can have incredible properties with unacceptable air quality. Whether you’re still unpacking moving boxes or looking for maintenance to your current HVAC system, you can’t go wrong with out-of-this-world service from Planet Duct and our powerful suction trucks. See what a difference having healthier, cleaner air makes in your home or business.

Get Comprehensive Air Duct Cleaning That Really ‘Sucts’

Dirty air puts everyone in danger, including kids, tenants, employees, customers, and beloved pets. With regular air duct cleaning from our elite suction trucks, you’ll know every part of your home is fresh with particle-free air for maximum comfort in every space. Thoroughly remove dust, debris, allergens, and other harmful contaminants from the ductwork of your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system for guaranteed:

Improved Indoor Air Quality

You can’t beat the benefit of breathing air that’s better for you or your business employees in a refreshed, inviting environment where allergies no longer cause headaches.

Enhanced HVAC System Performance

Whether you’re looking for help at home, your business, or a rental property, routine air duct cleaning ensures clear airflow and less HVAC system strain.

Money-Saving Energy Efficiency

El Paso County air duct cleaning saves everyone money. Smooth HVAC performance for your home or business means you save big on energy bills and reduce operating costs.

Peace of Mind

Make sure your home and family or property are safe from fire caused by your dryer vent cleaning, which was overdue. Improved air quality and protection mean everyone can breathe a sigh of relief.

Enhance Compliance Reassurance

For Colorado Springs businesses in regulated industries, regular duct cleaning for large HVAC systems may be necessary to maintain health and safety compliance.

Five-Star Reviews from Satisfied Planet Duct Customers

Our customers mean everything to us, and it shows your reviews and experiences:

Complete Your Mission to Easily Clear the Air

Clogged air ducts could cause recurring allergies, trips to the pharmacy for asthma medication, or doctor appointments for respiratory infections. Over time, as debris builds, more dust, allergens, or mold are in your air. Launch your health to the next level with Planet Duct to dramatically improve HVAC system effectiveness or catch residential and commercial issues early.

It’s Here: 4 Simple Steps to Surprisingly Pure Air

Worrying about what you can expect your air duct cleaning experience to be can keep you from making the call at all. We take your cleaning to the next level with NADCA certification, powerful vacuum trucks, and portable systems that can take on any duct — satisfaction guaranteed! Don’t freak out about what condition your HVAC system is in! Planet Duct’s comprehensive process is designed to handle anything:

Step 1

Healthier air begins as soon as Planet Duct crew members mask every air duct to ensure each side of your HVAC system is isolated for maximized airflow and cleaning power. (Our tools and techs can handle any job of any size at any time!)

Step 2

Your ventilation system is going to have all dust and debris easily removed from every return and service duct vent through to trunk lines. You’ll hear the quiet sound of power as air whips, directional nozzles, and rotary brush systems do their job.

Step 3

Contaminants are safely removed from your home using a high-power, efficient vacuum hose. Your Planet Duct crew will carefully detail your return drop, blower wheel, and filter compartment using the latest pneumatic tools and natural cleaners.

Step 4

It’s time for a complete re-sealing. We won’t leave the job until we’re 100% sure there aren’t any issues, including a free carbon monoxide evaluation to ensure there aren’t larger issues. (We’ll let you know every step of the way what’s happening!)