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How Can Your Air Ducts Make Your Home More Eco-Friendly?

air ducts make your home eco-friendly
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Brandon Kirk

Brandon Kirk is the owner of Planet Duct-Air Duct Cleaning. As a NADCA Certified Air-Duct Cleaning Specialist, he has extensive experience servicing air ducts in El Paso County and the Southern CO region since 2019.

When people think of features that make their home more Eco-friendly, the last thing they consider is their air ducts. The elaborate duct system built into every home plays a crucial role in maintaining the temperature of a residence. Temperature regulating air, warm or cold, is pushed through by the furnace or air conditioner. These systems use a lot of energy as they work. Dirty and unsealed vents can force these units to work harder.

At Planet Duct, we want your air ducts to be functional and operational for space-travel. Encumbered systems lead to the waste of precious fuel and energy. Our team of professional technicians has outlined some of the essential air duct services you need to implement to guarantee the eco-friendly operation of your craft. 

What Does an Energy-Efficient Duct System Look Like?

Top-of-the-line air ducts are both clean and sealed; they are performing at the highest level of efficiency. These optimized systems are delivering superb results without any loss in quality airflow. In addition, the temperature regulation also saves expensive HVAC units from wear-and-tear.   

How Do Air Ducts Waste Energy?

Any system that functions at a higher rate to achieve standard results is wasting precious energy. Imagine a clogged straw with holes along the length of it. You may be able to get a sip of water, but not without a lot of strain and the majority of the water spilling out through the holes. The most efficient ductwork will have neither holes nor clogs. 

How Can I Optimize My Air Ducts?

There are two options to maximize the efficiency of your HVAC system; cleaning the air ducts and sealing the air ducts. A reputable duct cleaning specialist should be able to provide you with both sealing and duct vacuuming services. You can always space out these options to save on cost, however, it is crucial to complete both within a timely manner of each other. The benefits of each service are outlined below: 

Air Duct Cleaning Minimizes Strain

Reducing the amount of debris and dirt in your vents improves airflow and reduces the strain on your heating and cooling systems. The less grime and filth that the units need to push through, the better. By taking the appropriate steps with a NADCA certified air duct cleaning company, you are ensuring immediate eco-friendly energy savings. Certified air duct cleaners use industry-leading equipment to provide stellar results.

Air Duct Sealing Saves Energy

After you notice the immediate savings of clean ducts, it is time to move on to sealing the ductwork. Any amount of leakage in vents lowers efficiency and drives up cost. The more air that is directed to its destined location, the more money you will save on utility bills. By preventing these problems with a professional sealer, you will notice the duct sealing benefits right away.

Going Above and Beyond the Cosmos | Planet Duct

Make sure your air ducts are certified for space-travel with Planet Duct! As a Colorado Springs air duct cleaning company, we are proud to help our fellow space explorers clean and seal their ships. Start by getting a free estimate today! We are on standby, awaiting your transmission should you need help optimizing your ductwork!