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How Crucial is Commercial Air Duct Cleaning?

how crucial is commercial air duct cleaning
Picture of Brandon Kirk

Brandon Kirk

Brandon Kirk is the owner of Planet Duct-Air Duct Cleaning. As a NADCA Certified Air-Duct Cleaning Specialist, he has extensive experience servicing air ducts in El Paso County and the Southern CO region since 2019.

When maintaining a commercial space, the last thing you may consider is the cleanliness of the air ducts. Despite this being an often overlooked aspect of managing a property, it is as crucial as ever to keep these hidden spaces just as clean as the rest of the building.Your HVAC duct system houses dirt and debris with every use, developing a large reservoir over time, and this build up can negatively impact your customers, employees or inventory. Every time your furnace or A/C system turns on, it starts to blow the contaminants throughout your professional space, coating your building with more dust, polluting your air quality with musty smells, mold, or even bacteria, and more unsightly things that negatively impact your business.

At Planet Duct, we want to guarantee that your business is not hindered by the inevitable build-up of debris in the air ducts. Having a workplace with constantly dirty air ducts can cause more expensive issues to occur over time like an overworked HVAC system failing years before it should or a costly component breaking down in the middle of the winter. Cleaning air ducts is an excellent investment in the longevity of your workplace! Our expertise in commercial duct cleaning means that your vents are guaranteed to be cleaned with equipment that is out of this world and expertly trained NADCA specialists. Together, we can rid your vents of any unwanted extraterrestrial life (bacteria or otherwise).

How Dirty Do Business Ducts Get?

On a typical day, think about how many employees and customers you have in your business. 10? 20? 50 or more? The more people you see interact and come through your door, the more debris that collects inside your air ducts. Every person that enters your business is shedding skin cells, and skin cells (along with regular dirt brought in from outside on shoes) become the dust you see on counters or shelves.

As your air conditioning and heating system run, they intake and expel air from inside your business. This is how allergens and pollutants that were brought from outside your building end up in your air ducts. If you leave the air ducts dirty, the constant cycle of picking up more and more debris continues until the vents become laden with this swirl of contaminants. 

Left long enough, bacteria will start to grow, and in some cases, even mold. Mold removal is a costly endeavor that is easily avoidable by simply maintaining the cleanliness of your business’ air ducts regularly. 

Why Cleaning Your Business’ Air Ducts is Important

With business air duct cleaning, you can help alleviate the problem of dirty air ducts at work. In addition to having cleaner ducts, this will also help with other issues associated with heavily soiled air ducts such as:

  • Managing allergens in the workplace.
  • Implementing dust control measures.
  • Helping to alleviate dirt accumulation in the workspace.
  • Prolonging the life of your air conditioning and heating units.
  • Improving indoor air quality for employees and customers.
  • Reducing the chance for mold to grow in your air ducts.
  • Saving money on energy costs (since your ducts will not have to push around debris).
  • Identifying larger problems sooner like leaking or cracked vents.
  • Eliminating unwanted odors.

Plus in addition to all of these other perks, the commercial air duct cleaning cost is always cheaper than replacing a whole HVAC system. 

Saving You From Future Duct Problems | Planet Duct

Our team of NADCA certified duct cleaning specialists understands the importance of maintaining clean air ducts at your workplace and we assure you, those dirty vents are just a phase. No longer will your business be plagued with allergens or contaminants. Take your business over the moon with our commercial air duct cleaning services! Schedule your commercial air duct cleaning appointment today with our expertly trained technicians to get started!