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How Does a Dryer Vent Work?

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The dryer vent is the most fundamental part of your dryer. Your clothes dryer works hard to dry your clothes, towels, and blankets. Your dryer vent is the key piece that vents hot air, filtrates moisture, and captures lint and other debris. It is the most important part of your dryer, but how does a dryer vent work?

At Planet Duct, an air duct cleaning company in Colorado Springs, we are proud to offer dryer vent cleaning services designed to promote the efficiency and safety of your dryer. Our expert technicians will work to thoroughly clean your dryer vent of any dirt, dust, and debris. During our cleaning process, we will assess, clean, and sanitize your dryer vent. You can have peace of mind that Planet Duct is here to comprehensively clean your dryer vent for safe and efficient drying. 

If you want to know more about dryer vents and how they work, keep reading to learn more from the professionals!

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What is a Dryer Vent?

Heat is rotated in your machine for your dryer to dry clothes. A fan in your dryer pushes the hot air, lint, and moisture out of the machine into the dryer vent.

What is the Purpose of a Dryer Vent?

The goal of a dryer vent is to remove the excess heat, moisture, and lint that comes from the drying cycle. Your dryer vent is a crucial part of your dryer. Without one, heat, moisture, and lint would accumulate in your home. This would cause additional problems like fire safety concerns and mold.

Is it Dangerous to Not Have a Dryer Vent?

Not having a dryer vent is extremely dangerous and can cause more problems for you down the road. A dryer vent traps debris and moist air. Without a dryer vent, you are causing increased fire hazards and encouraging the growth of mold in your laundry room. 

Also, gas dryers release carbon monoxide, which is poison. If these types of dryers are not properly vented, they can fill your house with carbon monoxide. Therefore, installing a dryer vent is always necessary when you have a dryer.

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Types of Dryer Vents

The dryer duct is a tube usually made out of aluminum foil or metal. It connects your dryer vent to your dryer. There are two main types of dryer vents: indoor dryer vents vs. outdoor dryer vents.

Outdoor Dryer Vent

An outdoor dryer vent is attached to an exterior wall of the home. It connects to your clothes dryer via a tube that carries hot air, moisture, and debris to the exterior vent.

Indoor Dryer Vent

Some homes, such as apartments or condominium units, do not have access to an outer exterior wall. In these cases, an indoor dryer vent is necessary. 

Indoor dryer vents are also connected to the clothes dryer via a hose. Instead of the vent being on an outside wall, the vent is on an interior wall that has filters to trap lint and moisture while the hot air is pumped back into the laundry room.

It is important to note that electric dryers can only use indoor dryer vents. Gas clothes dryers release carbon monoxide, which cannot be released indoors. 

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Get Professional Dryer Vent Cleaning With Planet Duct

Your dryer vent plays an important role in filtering hot air from your dryer and catching excess moisture and lint. Without a dryer vent, this can cause serious risks, such as fire hazards and mold growth. It is of the utmost importance that you take care of your dryer vent in order to keep your dryer running smoothly and safely! At Planet Duct, our technicians provide the best dryer vent cleaning services in southern Colorado. We will blast dirt, dust, and debris from your dryer vent. If you have any questions about dryer vent cleaning services, or if you are ready to schedule your appointment, contact Planet Duct today!