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How Long Does It Take To Clean Air Ducts?

How Long Does It Take To Clean Air Ducts?
Brandon Kirk

Brandon Kirk

Brandon Kirk is the owner of Planet Duct-Air Duct Cleaning. As a NADCA Certified Air-Duct Cleaning Specialist, he has extensive experience servicing air ducts in El Paso County and the Southern CO region since 2019.

Unlock the secret to clean and fresh air! How much time should you allocate for an air duct cleaning process? The duration of your air duct cleaning appointment can vary, it can range from 2 to 4 hours for residential properties and longer for larger or commercial spaces, with the exact timeframe determined by your service provider. Companies who possibly finish quicker means they did not complete a comprehensive vent cleaning of your HVAC system. 

At Planet Duct, we believe in taking our time to ensure we clean your air ducts thoroughly. Proper air duct cleaning improves your air quality, lowers your electricity bill, and provides you with peace of mind. In addition, we want to protect our Colorado Springs neighbors from unethical air duct cleaning companies by educating you about the air duct cleaning process.

According to our expert air duct cleaning technicians, it takes three to five hours to properly clean your air duct system. This includes the return side, supply side, blower compartment, blower wheel, and return drop. The exact amount of time it takes to clean air ducts will depend on the size of your HVAC system. Watch the video below or read the transcription to learn more.

Professional Air Duct Cleaning Process

Depending on the size of the HVAC system, it takes our experienced air duct cleaning technicians around three to five hours for a comprehensive cleaning. When cleaning a small house, we can complete the air duct cleaning process in about three hours. Larger homes, typically over three thousand square feet, take closer to that five-hour mark for a thorough air duct cleaning service. 

Of course, some projects fall outside of this range. For example, our team has cleaned some huge spaces like downtown homes. One was 7,700 square feet. It took us over six hours to clean that because we wanted to do the most thorough job possible. Our free online estimates will allow you to select the square footage of your home. Our experts can then provide a more precise time estimate.

What Cheap Air Duct Cleaners & Carpet Cleaners Are Doing Wrong

You will find many discount companies who claim they will clean your air duct system in one hour. If you hire a carpet cleaner or a cheap air duct cleaner with a coupon, they will be in and out of your place in .75 to 1.5 hours. I’m telling you right now, however: you didn’t get your air ducts cleaned properly. 

Carpet cleaners and cheap air duct cleaners typically stir up a bunch of dust inside your system. Cheap air duct cleaners don’t hook up a proper negative air system to sweep and get every single line and trunk line treated, so they never fully clean your HVAC system. These companies can’t even cover the basics, not to mention cleaning the blower compartment and the return drop! Carpet cleaners and cheap air duct cleaners are just not getting all that done in that short time. 

How Often Should Air Ducts be Cleaned?

Paying attention to how long your air duct cleaning company spends on your ductwork is important, but you’ll also want to pay attention to how frequently you schedule air duct cleanings. We recommend every 3-5 years for the best indoor air quality, but if you don’t think your last cleaning was up-to-snuff, you may want to schedule sooner. Check out this blog for other signs you may need to schedule a duct cleaning: https://planetduct.com/when-should-i-get-my-air-ducts-cleaned/.

Hire Planet Duct for the Best Air Duct Cleaning

If you hire a cheap air duct cleaning company, and your cleaning takes less than three hours, you did not get your system effectively cleaned. At Planet Duct, we would rather be thorough than fast. OThat’s because our experienced team values quality over speed. If you have other questions about how long an air duct cleaning takes or would like to schedule an appointment, contact us

Bonus FAQ: How Much Does it Cost to Clean Air Ducts?

In this video, we discussed how cheap air duct cleaners work quickly and do not clean your air ducts properly, so what should a professional air duct cleaning cost? According to the National Association of Air Duct Cleaners (NADCA), you should expect to pay between $450 to $1000 for a proper cleaning. Companies offering lower prices may be cutting corners or charging extra for services that should be included, such as cleaning your blower fans. 

At Planet Duct, we pledge to properly clean your air ducts at a fair rate. Our base rates are calculated by the square foot and start at $499 for duct cleanings under 1000 square feet. Book online today!