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Air Duct Odor Removal

You’re careful to keep your home clean and pleasant, but that isn’t always enough to keep odors from developing. Many household odors are easily dealt with by bathing your dog or doing a careful deep clean. But what do you do when you can’t identify where the odor is coming from? Your HVAC system could be the culprit. 

If you notice a musty smell that gets worse when your furnace or AC is running, contact Planet Duct today. Our  NADCA-certified air duct cleaners can help you get to the root of your odor problem. We’ll blast dirt and debris into the black void of space before sealing your ducts. We also carry a selection of deodorizer sprays to remove tough odors and bacteria.

Is There a Bad Smell Coming from Your Air Vents?

Though mold and mustiness are the main causes of HVAC odors, improperly sealed air ducts can also let in small rodents, who leave feces, urine, and even food behind. And if one of them dies, your problem becomes even worse. 

Regardless of the cause of your smell, it’s important to deal with the issue promptly. Plus, your air ducts circulate air throughout your entire house, so contaminants in your ducts spread quickly, causing allergy flare-ups, respiratory problems, and other health concerns. So listen to your nose and schedule an air duct cleaning today.

How to Remove Odor from Air Ducts

Planet Duct offers a variety of services that can help with odor elimination. Here are a few of the steps our professional air duct cleaners might take to address your odor problem:

Step 1:
Perform a Thorough Cleaning

Our first step will be to remove any dirt and debris from your ducts using our powerful vacuum truck and specialized brushes and nozzles. Often, this will be enough to solve your odor problem since any damp or decaying material will be removed from the duct.

Step 2:
Inspect the Duct for Leaks or Damage

Sagging ducts can cause water to pool, creating a perfect environment for mold and mildew. If you have large openings in your duct system, rodents and debris will find their way into your ducts as well. Performing the necessary repairs now can prevent your odor issue from recurring.

Step 3:
Seal or Sanitize Air Ducts if Necessary

At Planet Duct, we carry two different types of duct sealants. These not only seal leaks and gaps in your system but will also eliminate any remaining odors and allergens. The other option is spraying your ducts with a sanitizing solution to remove mold, bacteria, and odors. Our technicians can help you decide if one of these services is right for you.

HVAC Odor Eliminators

Planet Duct carries three different types of air duct sanitizing solutions that can help address your HVAC odor:

  • Sporicidin Disinfectant Solution
  • Benefect Decon 30
  • EnviroCon


Both Decon 30 and EnviroCon are advertised as deodorizers but also kill contaminants such as bacteria, mold, and mildew. Sporicidin is not specifically a deodorizer, but if your problem is caused by mold or other microorganisms, it can still get the job done. 


Choose Planet Duct for HVAC Odor Elimination

At Planet Duct, we take pride in providing the best air duct cleaning services in southern Colorado. We are not a discount air duct cleaner who will be in and out in an hour and leave you wondering what you paid for. Instead, we use the best equipment in the industry and send highly-trained technicians to every job. Contact us today if you want to work with an air duct cleaner that will treat you fairly and get the job done right.

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