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Remove Dryer Vent Screens to Prevent Dryer Fires

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Brandon Kirk

Brandon Kirk is the owner of Planet Duct-Air Duct Cleaning. As a NADCA Certified Air-Duct Cleaning Specialist, he has extensive experience servicing air ducts in El Paso County and the Southern CO region since 2019.

It’s vitally important to remove dryer vent screens in order to prevent dryer fires from occurring. These screens should be removed during home inspections. If this is not done the airflow to the dryer will be restricted and will cause issues with your clothes dryer and can ultimately lead to dryer fires. Below you can find an educational video, where our CEO Brandon will discuss the importance of removing dryer vent screens in order to promote safety and efficiency.

At Planet Duct we believe that protecting your home and family is extremely important. Through our dryer vent cleaning service, we can ensure that your dryer is safe and is running efficiently. We are proud to have served the Colorado community by providing air duct and dryer vent cleaning for many years 

Remove The Screen From Dryer Vent

If there are screens are in your dryer vent, this is because your home builder forgot to remove them. These are perfectly okay to have in a different kind of vent like a bathroom fan vent but not good for a dryer vent. That vent is where all the lint is escaping. If a dryer vent screen is present in the system the lint will not be able to escape. After a short period of time of collecting their it will create a blockage. Below you can find a list of a few reasons why this is bad, however, if you would like to learn more visit Why Should I Have My Dryer Vents Cleaned?. At Planet Duct when we see these screens we take them out immediately in order to make sure that the lint has a clean and clear escape route. A good home builder would catch that during final inspection and have these removed by their quality assurance inspector.

  1. The screens trap lint.
  2. Dryer vent screens trap lint which reduces airflow.
  3. A significant backup of lint can form all the way into the heating element of your dryer.
  4. Dryer vent screens can cause machine inefficiency which negatively impacts your electricity bill.
  5. Dryer fires can occur from issues caused by dryer vent screens.

Professional Dryer Vent Cleaning Company

Luckily this is a very easy fix and can be done during a routine dryer vent cleaning. At Planet Duct we suggest annual dryer vent cleanings to ensure that your system is running in tip-top shape. A dryer vent cleaning will consist of a certified vent or air duct cleaner that is skilled in cleaning dryer vents without harming them. This technician will need to identify the type of dryer vents used in your home and then use the appropriate specialized dryer vent cleaning tool to remove any blockages. They will also inspect the dryer vents and the dryer itself. Hiring a professional dryer vent cleaner is important. 

Dryer Vent Cleaning | Planet Duct

At Planet Duct, we proudly offer dryer vent cleaning services by our NADCA certified air duct cleaners. Our professional dryer vent and air duct cleaners are well versed in the art of cleaning without harming as well as inspecting your vents.  If we inspect your dryer and discover a dryer vent screen, then we will remove it immediately. Through our comprehensive service, we will properly clean out that line from the termination point either on the side of the house or on the roof, all the way to the back of the dryer. Contact our experienced professionals to schedule your dryer vent cleaning service, AC coil cleaning, or Air Duct Cleaning today!

Educational Video Transcription

Hello, it’s Brandon with Planet duct air duct cleaning in Colorado Springs. I’m am going to talk to you about dryer vent cleaning, which is a service we complete often! One thing we find a lot is that there are screens in the top of your dryer vent that are preventing the lint from getting out which causes clogging and loss of airflow. We accumulate tons of these after a removal job! We’ve confiscated so many that I could literally build a small house out of them, so I wanted to educate our neighbors about the importance of removing dryer screens.