Smoke Removal Services in Southern Colorado

A fire in your home or near your home can leave your HVAC system in bad shape. As the smoke from the fire engulfs your home, harmful pollutants, residue, and a lingering smoke odor can impact your HVAC system and leave you with unclean air. It’s important to clean your air duct system after a fire to ensure the air quality in your home is healthy to breathe. At Planet Duct, we provide superior air duct cleaning services in Colorado Springs. Our top-of-the-line equipment and NADCA-certified specialists ensure we remove the smoke from your HVAC system and restore the air quality in your home.

Smoke Restoration Cleaning in Southern Colorado

When smoke is drawn into your air vents, it is distributed throughout your entire home. This damages your ventilation system and makes the air quality in your home harmful to breathe. Additionally, smoke residue lingers in your air ducts, which means it can be difficult to get rid of the smoke smell in your HVAC system until it is properly cleaned. If your home has a fire or is near a fire, it is very important to schedule a smoke restorating cleaning service with our air duct specialists. This process allows them to clean and sanitize your air duct system and ensure the air in your home or business is safe to breathe.

At Planet Duct, our trained technicians will work with you to ensure that your HVAC system is cleaned to remove the effects of smoke from your home. From cleaning the inside of your air ducts, replacing the air filters, and sanitizing your air duct system, Planet Duct provides comprehensive smoke restoration to fully clean your HVAC system. Our technicians work to clean your air duct system of smoke debris, neutralize lingering smoke odor, and remove toxins to leave your home with healthier, cleaner, and safer air quality.

Planet Duct's Air Duct Cleaning Equipment

As the best air duct cleaning company in Colorado Springs, Planet Duct has invested in the highest quality equipment and training to provide homes and businesses across southern Colorado with the cleanest indoor air possible. With smoke removal services, your air duct system must be cleaned properly for the sake of your health and the longevity of your HVAC system. Improper air duct cleaning means you are still breathing harmful and unclean air, and poor cleaning can result in permanent damage to your HVAC system.

With out-of-this-world equipment from Planet Duct, you never have to worry about insufficient air duct cleaning. We are passionate about providing you with the best air duct cleaning possible, which means we have the equipment needed to effectively clean your air ducts. Some of our air duct cleaning equipment includes:

Vacuum Trucks

At Planet Duct, our powerful vacuum trucks are stronger than the vacuum of space. Our trucks can pull 13,000 cubic feet per minute of airflow to remove debris from your air ducts. This leaves your air duct system spotless and free of any smoke buildup in the ductwork.

Portable Vacuum

Our portable vacuum system allows our expert technicians to clean any air duct. With twice the amount of suction as compared to other portable vacuums, Planet Duct can remove debris and buildup from the toughest and most contaminated air duct systems with ease.

Rotary Brush System

Our rotary brush systems help to remove lingering buildup in your ductwork. At Planet Duct, our motorized brush systems spin at rocket speeds to loosen debris trapped inside your air duct system. This allows our technicians to thoroughly clean your air ducts and remove harmful debris.

Air Whips

At Planet Duct, our air whips help to remove any buildup trapped inside your air duct system. Air whips consist of an air nozzle that is inserted into the air duct to blast away trapped contaminants. This ensures that hard-to-reach places or your air duct system are properly cleaned.

Planet Duct's Smoke Removal Process

As a BBB-accredited and NADCA-certified air duct cleaning company, we take smoke removal seriously. Through our years of experience, extensive training, and continued education, we have developed a 12 step air duct cleaning process that ensures your air ducts are free from smoke debris.


Planet Duct's Service Areas

Planet Duct is proud to offer our stellar smoke removal services to communities across southern Colorado. Planet Duct is here to help you have an efficient HVAC system and clean indoor air. Whether you are a homeowner or business owner, we are here to help you with all of your air duct needs! Our service areas include:

Smoke Removal Services | Planet Duct

Smoke damage is a serious problem for your HVAC system and your health. When your home is exposed to smoke, you need to take necessary steps to have your air duct system cleaned and sanitized. This ensures that your indoor air quality is clean and safe for you and your family to breathe. With smoke restoration cleaning services from Planet Duct, our top priority is your safety. We work to completely clean your ductwork of unwanted contaminants, sanitize your ventilation system, and remove any smoke odor from your home. If you would like to learn more about smoke removal services or if you would like to schedule an appointment with our expert technicians, contact Planet Duct today!