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We believe in investing in the future of our community.

Planet Duct has always offered futuristic air duct cleaning services to keep our community healthy and safe. We are committed to improving indoor air quality and energy efficiency with every job we complete, but we also want to help blast Colorado Springs into the future by supporting community advocates, youth, and businesses.


Community advocates are actively working to make Colorado Springs a better and safer place to live.

LGBTQ+ youth and youth in the foster care system will be the ones to carry on the legacy of Colorado Springs.

Lastly, no community can truly thrive without innovation and economic development. Small businesses bring jobs and necessary services to our community on a daily basis. As a small business ourselves, we understand the importance of supporting other small businesses in our community.

Keep reading to learn about our specific initiatives in these three areas.


Community advocates, like first responders, pastors and ministers, and non-profit volunteers, are constantly pouring care into our community and meeting the needs of those around them. We participate in events to either honor and encourage these individuals or to raise funds so they can continue their work. Here are a few events we’ve sponsored in the past:

Tri-Lakes Cares Golf Tournament

Tri-Lakes Cares Golf Tournament

Tri-Lakes Cares assists low-income families in northern El Paso County. They help with food insecurity, housing costs, access to health care, and transportation. Their goal is to help low-income families work toward self-sufficiency while meeting their immediate needs. Planet Duct sponsors one of its main fundraisers, the Tri-Lakes Cares golf tournament.

Pastors and First Responders Luncheon

Pastors and First Responders Luncheon

Pastors and first responders do a lot behind the scenes to help our community thrive but are often not recognized for their contributions. Therefore, we sponsor an annual luncheon for pastors and first responders to validate their efforts and allow them to interact with like-minded community servants.

Women in Ministry Luncheon

Women in Ministry Luncheon

Similar to the Pastors and First Responders Luncheon, we sponsor a Women in Ministry Luncheon to recognize and encourage the fantastic women in our community.

CSFD Fundraiser

CSFD Fundraiser

CSFD firefighters put their lives on the line daily to protect our community by responding to fires, car crashes, and other emergencies. Planet Duct sponsors one of the CSFD’s annual fundraisers to provide our local firefighters with the equipment and training they need.


As a community, we should prioritize the safety and well-being of the youth in our community. They are our future leaders, workers, and innovators. Planet Duct invests in the youth of Colorado Springs by donating to organizations that care for LGBTQ+ youth and children in the foster care system. We are also committed to hiring individuals who have aged out of the foster care system. Learn more about the organizations we support here:

Inside Out Youth Services

Inside Out Youth Services

LGBTQ+ youth have some of the highest rates of abuse, homelessness, and suicide. Inside Out Youth Services provides programs for LGBTQ+ youth related to leadership, education, and community building to help promote the health and safety of these young people.

Fostering Hope

Fostering Hope

Fostering Hope helps prevent burnout in foster parents by providing trained volunteers to help with transportation, tutoring, laundry, meals, and occasional childcare. By supporting foster families, this organization helps ensure that kids in the foster care system receive the best possible care.


As a small business, Planet Duct understands how much entrepreneurs and small business owners contribute to the community in terms of creating jobs and building a strong economy. Therefore, we sponsor a few programs that offer resources, advice, and exposure to Colorado Springs small business owners:

Unconditional podcast

Unconditional Podcast

The Unconditional Podcast is hosted by entrepreneurship coach, Michael Schoening, and features advice and inspirational stories from small business owners in Colorado Springs.
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COS business podcast

COS Business Podcast

COS Business Podcast is another local podcast that allows Colorado Springs business owners to share their stories and offer advice on everything from scaling a small business to hiring a business coach.
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Hire Planet Duct to Increase Our Impact

Planet Duct can only financially support these organizations because of our amazing Colorado Springs community. If you’d like to see Planet Duct grow our efforts to give back, call us for your next commercial or residential air duct cleaning project. We’ll blast your air ducts’ dark matter into space as we launch our community forward.