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What Is In My Air Ducts?

What Is In My Air Ducts?
Picture of Brandon Kirk

Brandon Kirk

Brandon Kirk is the owner of Planet Duct-Air Duct Cleaning. As a NADCA Certified Air-Duct Cleaning Specialist, he has extensive experience servicing air ducts in El Paso County and the Southern CO region since 2019.

When our experienced team members finish cleaning residential air ducts, we are often asked what was in the ducts. Sometimes, we will just find dust and pet hair. Other times, we find much worse. Many homes have never had the air duct system professionally cleaned. There can be decades of filth built up inside the ducts.

What We Have Found In Air Ducts

Dust alone is a good reason the get your system cleaned. Dust can be a combination of pet dander, dirt, lint, textile fibers, decomposing insects, insect waste, hair, plant fibers, dead skin cells and particle from cooking and smoking. We will also find drywall dust, sawdust, nails screws, drywall mud and beer cans. In teenager’s rooms, we have found magazines and cigarettes hidden in the duct boots.

During my first week of training, a coworker reached into a duct and pulled out a squirrel’s leg, just the leg. We have no idea where the rest of the squirrel was. If there was more of the squirrel in the system, he is now in the waste compartment of the vacuum truck. It should be noted that our professionals don’t never just shove their hands into a duct. To get a view into a duct we will place a camera inside first so we get a clear picture of what is in there in order to create the best plan to tackle it.

Pretty much anything you can think of has been found in ducts: hair pins, toys, rare coins, lost jewelry, guns, ammo, pens, needles, paperclips, mold and missing hamsters. While finding treasure and nasty stuff is fun, the real reason to get your ducts cleaned is for better indoor air quality.

If you are concerned about your indoor air quality because you have asthma, allergies, auto-immune issues or you are just tired of dusting every two minutes, then call a professional air duct cleaner. Just be sure to find a good company, not an amateur with cheap equipment and training.

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At Planet Duct, we understand the importance of having your air ducts thoroughly cleaned in order to reduce allergies, improve indoor air quality, lower your electric bill, and run a more efficient HVAC system. There are various factors that impact the cleanliness of your ducts, so give us a call to learn more or get a free estimate today!