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Stronger Than The Vacuum of Space

Air Duct Cleaning Equipment

As the premier air duct cleaning company in Colorado Springs, Planet Duct understands the importance of having the right equipment. Our vacuum trucks are equipped with everything our professionals need to effectively clean your air duct system, and ensure your HVAC system is running to the best of its ability. We’re committed to cleaning your air ducts to the best of our abilities, which is why we’ve invested in the best tools available. Some of the air duct cleaning equipment we have that gives us out-of-this-world results include:

Rotary Brush System

We utilize top-tier rotary brush systems to help remove debris and build-up in air ducts. Planet Duct’s rotary brush system is motorized, and able to spin the brush at rocket speeds. While the brush rotates, it easily loosens and removes any unwanted dirt or dust that may be trapped inside your air ducts.

Air Whips

Another tool located on our work trucks, or spaceships, is an air whip. Air whips consist of an air nozzle that’s inserted into an air duct. Then, an air compressor is turned on and blasts air from the nozzle’s tiny holes. The pressure of the air removes any dust trapped in the inside of the ducts.

Vacuum Trucks

One of the best features of our one-of-a-kind trucks is their powerful vacuums. Our vacuum trucks are able to remove 13,000 CFM (cubic feet per minute) of airflow to remove any unwanted debris from your air ducts. With a vacuum as strong as the vacuum of space, your air ducts will be spotless in no time!

Portable Vacuum

We also have a portable vacuum, the Hypervac 220 Portable System, that allows us to clean any air duct, no matter the location. With twice the amount of suction compared to other vacuum systems, this portable system is able to remove debris from the toughest, dirtiest air duct systems with ease.

Consequences Of Poor Air Duct Cleaning Equipment

Unfortunately, there are air duct cleaning companies that are attempting to clean air ducts without having the proper equipment. Not only will this ineffectively clean your air duct system, but having a technician improperly clean your air ducts can actually cause permanent damage. Some of the consequences of hiring a company with cheap duct cleaning equipment include:
If your air duct system is cleaned incorrectly, it’ll most likely cost you more money in the long run. When air duct cleaners use cheap equipment, they usually wind up not being able to clean your entire duct system. If any of the dust they’ve disturbed makes it past your air filters, then it’ll slowly blow its way to your A/C coils. If this happens, your HVAC system will have to work harder than necessary, making your utility bills skyrocket.
Did you know that it’s not that uncommon for carpet cleaners to also offer air duct cleaning services? Many carpet cleaners will use their small hoses, made for cleaning carpets, and hook them up to your HVAC system, and think that they’re doing a great job at correctly cleaning your air ducts. Unfortunately, without the proper air duct cleaning equipment, it’s impossible for anyone to sufficiently clean your entire air duct system.

Planet Duct Cleans Your Air Ducts Properly

At Planet Duct, we have the equipment and experience necessary to sufficiently clean your air duct system. Because we’re passionate about providing the best air duct cleaning possible, we’ve taken the time to research all of the equipment available. After testing different types of air duct cleaning equipment, and learning which tools were more powerful, we built one-of-a-kind vacuum trucks that are able to clean even the dirtiest air ducts. Call us today, and schedule your out-of-this-world air duct cleaning service!