Planet Duct is proud to announce that we are winners of the 2023 Summit Award; see what makes our team so excellent by scheduling your next air duct or dryer vent cleaning today!

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With one-of-a-kind vacuum trucks that are equipped with tools that are stronger than the vacuum of space, Planet Duct has become the go-to air duct cleaning company for Colorado Springs. Our NADCA-certified air duct cleaning technicians have the knowledge and experience necessary to provide top-notch results. From A/C coil cleaning to commercial air duct cleaning, we’re constantly investing in our education and equipment to ensure we’re able to provide you with the best results possible.

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Over the years, Planet Duct has dedicated itself to helping the residents and business owners of southern Colorado have efficient HVAC systems. Our out-of-this-world air duct cleaning services help you lower utility bills and enjoy high-quality air inside your space. We’re pleased to provide you with the following services to help your air duct system run as smoothly as possible!


Our stellar air duct cleaning services are completed with premier equipment so you can enjoy reduced allergies, lower utility bills and improved air quality. We’ve created a proven air duct cleaning process to help ensure the best results for your air ducts. Whether you need your office space air ducts cleaned, or are interested in cleaning your home’s air ducts, Planet Duct is ready to help!


Cleaning the coils of your outside air conditioning unit is an essential part of having an efficient heating and cooling system. With our A/C coil cleaning services, your air conditioning unit will be able to cool down air efficiently, helping reduce your electricity bills. The unit will also be able to filter the air better, so you can have peace of mind that the air blowing into your space is free of allergens and debris.


Did you know that having your dryer vents professionally cleaned not only helps the system run more efficiently, but it also protects you from potential fires? Planet Duct’s efficient dryer vent cleaning process will help protect you, and help improve the efficiency of your dryer. You may also notice that as your dryer is able to operate more efficiently, your electricity bills are lower than before.

Air Duct Sealing

Sealing your air ducts helps your HVAC system run more efficiently, lengthens the life of your heating and cooling system and helps regulate the temperature throughout your entire space. We’ve partnered with Green Go to be able to provide our customers with environmentally-friendly home energy solutions. We’ll investigate your entire system and repair any cracks where air is leaking.

Air Duct Item Retrieval

You’d be surprised at how many people have lost something inside their air ducts. While many believe that getting their items back is like retrieving something from a black hole in space, Planet Duct has the tools to simply get your items back to you. Whether you dropped your credit card in your floor vent, or your child accidentally stuffed something inside the vent, we’re here to help you!

Air Duct Treatment

Planet Duct provides air duct treatments to help rid your air duct system of bacteria, so you can enjoy fresh, clean air. Our antimicrobial solutions treat a variety of pollutants, including odors, mold, fungi and viruses. Our treatment services target pollutants that may be lurking within your air duct system. Enjoy the difference of a sanitized system and schedule an air duct treatment today for your home or business!

Areas We Proudly Serve

As one of the best air duct cleaning companies in the area, we’re proud to offer our stellar services to communities throughout southern Colorado. Whether you have a home in Colorado Springs or a business in Castle Pines, Planet Duct is here to help you have an efficient HVAC system! If you’d like to learn more about our services, or want to schedule an appointment with our knowledgeable team, contact us today!