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Dryer Vent Cleaning

There are many machines that keep your home planet running. Between cleaning the oven, managing the fridge, vacuuming your floors, and more, it can be easy to overlook another important machine: the dryer. Your dryer works hard to care for your clothes, blankets, and towels each day, but in order to keep doing so safely, it needs to be maintained. You may have encountered the attention-grabbing labels and stickers to clean the lint screen between cycles, but that only captures a small portion of the issue. The most influential piece to your dryer is the dryer vent, which filters the hot air that just enveloped your clothes from entering your home, filters out moisture to prevent mold, and captures leftover lint and debris. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recommends having a professional clean your dryer vent once a year to prevent a potentially deadly house fire. Prevention is not only better than repair, but also better than potential despair. 

We offer comprehensive dryer vent cleaning in Colorado Springs at Planet Duct  Our team of experts can take everything from lint, debris, animal nests, and other “dark matter” from your dryer and blast it back into space. Our dryer vent cleaning services not only prevent fires and promote safety, but also are highly effective to make your dryer efficient again. There are many benefits to having your dryer professionally serviced, but most importantly, you’ll have peace of mind that your home planet is running smoothly and safely. 

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Benefits Of Dryer Vent Cleaning


Dirt, debris, lint, and more accumulate in your dryer vent which causes clogs that can eventually lead to severe machine overheating and even a house fire. According the The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), 16,000 home fires are caused each year due to fires that originate in dryers. Lint is much more than an annoyance; it is a severe safety concern. Lint is a flammable material, so it’s vital to remove it from every crevice as often as possible. Through our professional dryer cleaning services, we will remove fire hazards from your dryer’s line.

Dryer Performance

As debris builds up in your dryer vent line, your dryer begins to wear down. The more issues within your dryer, the more issues you will have drying your clothes. Adding time to the process puts extra stress on the machine as well as your clothes. Unnatural levels of heat to your clothes through extended or repeated drying cycles can cause a lot of strain. When our team utilizes our powerful tools that are stronger than the vacuum of space, we will leave you with a much more effective dryer that is significantly gentler on your clothes. 

Lower Electricity Bill

Each time you extend your drying time for a load of laundry or repeat an entire cycle, your machine is using more energy. This is likely adding to the bottom line of your electricity bill while harming your clothes.  Our experienced professionals can launch the debris back into the cosmos and blast your energy bill back down. After all, the last thing you need is to deal with astronomical electricity bills that can be easily prevented when your dryer begins to run efficiently again after being professionally serviced.

Dryer Vent Cleaning Process

1. Assessment

One of our experienced technicians will thoroughly inspect and assess your dryer vent system in order to provide a comprehensive and transparent recommendation. In order to solve your dryer vent issues, a technician will take measurements of back pressure and airflow to continue to assess the blockage and detect any other problem sources. 

2. Cleaning

Our comprehensive services begin with debris and clog removal including lint, stray space socks, nests, and various other issues. If your dryer vent line is of significant size, we will clean your booster fan along with the rest of your system. We are experienced with many types of residential and commercial dryer vent systems, and prepared to tackle any issue. Finally, we will complete a thorough lint screen cleaning to increase airflow and efficiency while reducing fire hazards. 

3. Sanitizing

Throughout our dryer vent cleaning service, we will safely sanitize your vent lines from harmful bacteria, viruses and other fungi that can easily build up. Our technicians understand various environments and how they may uniquely impact your dryer vent line, so each place that is prone to problems will be sanitized. 

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Avoid Dryer Vent Fires with Planet Duct

Whether it is time for your annual dryer vent cleaning to prevent dryer vent fires or if it is your first time having it cleaned, give us a call today! At Planet Duct, we value your family’s safety and want to ensure that through a comprehensive inspection and cleaning. Our goal is to provide a better quality of life through various services including dryer vent cleaning, AC coil cleaning, and air duct cleaning  Fortunately, we also offer package deals when you combine dryer vent cleaning and air duct cleaning to improve the quality of air. 

At Planet Duct, we have taken the time to invest in training and equipment in order to provide the best possible dryer vent cleaning service. Our crew of technicians will drive our spaceship fully equipped with top-notch equipment to residential and commercial areas throughout El Paso county. 

Dryer Vent Cleaning FAQ

Dryer vent cleaning is the process of removing dryer dust and debris that can build up both in the filter and in the dryer vents in your home. These vents can become clogged over time preventing your dryer from venting properly.

We recommend yearly dryer vent cleaning to extend the life of the dryer and to ensure that it is running efficiently.

Dryer vent cleaning can cost between $100-$200. This prie can fluctuate due to a few factors, including the location of the dryer vent and its current location, as well as if you require any mold removal throughout the dryer vents.

Dryer vent cleaning typically takes about an hour to be completed by a professional.

Yes, a clean dryer vent allows your dryer to expel the hot air that it creates outside of your home. This also reduces the risk of dryer vent fires and extends the life of your dryer.

Dryer vent cleaning will begin with testing the system and assessing the system’s health. We will then remove any debris, socks, or lint that may be lodged in the dryer vents and prevent your dryer from venting properly. In some cases, depending on the size of the vent, a booster may be present which we will also completely clean and test. We will also clean the lint screen to ensure air is flowing properly through the dryer. Finally, we will safely sanitize your vent lines protecting you and your family from many harmful bacteria, viruses and other fungi that can be present in the vents. At Planet Duct, we train our technicians to address all areas of concern and to double check all areas that are prone to build up.

No, cleaning the vents will allow the dryer to vent the hot air it creates out of your home. It will allow it to run more efficiently as well as reduce the risk of a dryer fire.


Service Areas

As a dryer vent and air duct cleaning company based in Colorado Springs, we serve our local area in El Paso County and far beyond. Since our duct trucks are equipped with the best air duct and dryer vent cleaning tools we encourage you to give us a call if your city is not on the list.

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Our team of skilled technicians strive to keep you and your household safe and efficient. Our team utilizes specialized astronomical tools designed to clean your dryer vents and protect your home. All Planet Duct crew members are extensively trained, and they genuinely care about the well-being of your home planet. Planet Duct orbits all of Colorado Springs and EL Paso County, as well as the rest of Colorado’s Front Range, including Monument, Castle Rock, Pueblo, Peyton, Falcon, Fountain, and beyond. Contact us today and receive a comprehensive quote so we can keep your dryers running effectively and safe.