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Aeroseal Duct Sealing Services

As Southern Colorado’s best air duct cleaning company, Planet Duct is committed to using the highest quality products and processes to ensure your air ducts are clean and working effectively. This is why we are a proud Aeroseal Partner. With Aeroseal’s leak sealing technology and formula, we can restore the condition of your ducts so you can live and work comfortably.

Certified Aeroseal Dealer

Aeroseal is a duct sealing solution that finds and plugs all cracks and leaks in your air vent and duct system. The Aeroseal technology and formula was originally developed with the U.S. Department of Energy and is used in over 150,000 homes, hospitals, hotels, and universities. With this innovative duct sealing service, both residential and commercial buildings can reap many benefits.

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Aeroseal Benefits for Residential Buildings

Aeroseal Benefits for Commercial Buildings

The Aeroseal Process

As an Aeroseal Partner, Planet Duct has provided our certified technicians with the necessary tools and training to properly conduct the Aeroseal process. Aeroseal is a 3-step process: prepare, seal, and feel the difference.

Prepare aeroseal

First, we block all your vents and registers to pressurize your system. This system pressurization allows our technology to find all the cracks and holes where air is leaking. Next, we hook up the Aeroseal machine to measure your pre-seal air duct leakage, giving you a before and after snapshot.

Seal Your ducts

We are then ready to begin distributing the Aeroseal sealant formula throughout your air vent and duct system. While sealing, we monitor your system’s performance and show you all the improvements, as they happen. The technology is so precise that we only use the amount of sealant necessary with virtually no waste and very little cleanup.

Feel the difference

When we’re finished, a certificate of completion, including both before & after system leakage measurements, is printed and presented to you. You will be able to breathe easy knowing your investment is backed by a 10 year warranty, and last many years longer. More importantly, you’ll feel the difference in your home right away.

Aeroseal FAQs

Yes, the Aeroseal formula is a non-toxic, water-based solution.

As the sealing formula is being dispersed throughout your air system, you can see real-time measurements on a tablet and a Planet Duct technician will monitor each room throughout the sealing process. You’ll even get a certificate of completion showing the before and after results.

The Aeroseal process takes only a few hours, with little-to-no inconvenience nor clean-up needed.

Yes, we complete these services for both residential and commercial buildings.

Yes, Aeroseal is backed by a 10 year warranty.

Get Your Ducts Treated with Aeroseal

Experience improved air quality, conserve energy, and more with Aeroseal duct sealing services. Our team at Planet Duct will ensure your air goes where you need it — not where you don’t! Get a quote today and discover how Planet Duct and Aeroseal make an astronomical difference.