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7 Questions to Ask When Hiring an Air Duct Cleaning Company

Questions to Ask When Hiring an Air Duct Cleaning Company
Picture of Brandon Kirk

Brandon Kirk

Brandon Kirk is the owner of Planet Duct-Air Duct Cleaning. As a NADCA Certified Air-Duct Cleaning Specialist, he has extensive experience servicing air ducts in El Paso County and the Southern CO region since 2019.

Getting your air ducts cleaned regularly is an important part of maintaining your home or business. As your air circulates, your ductwork can get dirty. Unclean air ducts have build-up, such as dust and contaminants, that can worsen air quality, cause health problems, and increase your utility bill. By hiring an air duct cleaning company, they will eliminate any debris in your ducts so your air quality is cleaner and your heating and cooling system runs more efficiently.

At Planet Duct, we are a NADCA-certified air duct cleaning company who provides air duct cleaning services in Colorado Springs. As air duct cleaning is our primary service, we are experts on how to provide the deepest clean to remove dust, debris, allergens, and pollutants, such as microbial growths, mold growths, and bacteria, from your air ducts. We are passionate about educating our community about air ducts and the importance of duct cleaning, which is why our expert technicians have compiled a list of seven important questions to ask before hiring an air duct cleaning company.

How long has your company been in business?

A company who has been in the HVAC industry for a long time is a good indicator of the company’s trustworthiness and quality of work. A company with a track record of top-quality air cleaning services will more than likely have highly educated technicians with extensive years of experience. Additionally, this means customers have been satisfied with the company’s services and trust that the company does a safe and effective job at cleaning their air ducts. 

Is your company NADCA-certified?

The National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) is a trade organization who represents the HVAC industry by setting standards, encouraging educational opportunities, and providing certifications to promote the highest quality and most ethical HVAC services. 

The NADCA establishes best practices and quality standards for their members. By working with air duct cleaners who are members of the trade association, you will have peace of mind knowing your technicians are skilled and follow the highest quality and most ethical standards of the HVAC industry.

Do I need my air ducts cleaned?

Air duct cleaning scams will tell you anything in order to get you to pay, and their cheap equipment will do more harm than good. A professional company cares more about the quality of air you and your family breathe versus the amount you spend with them. 

As such, it is smart to ask what kind of signs your air duct cleaners look for to know whether it is time to clean your ductwork. A well-respected company will be able to tell you exactly what they see in your dirty air ducts, their plan for getting rid of any build-up, as well as the equipment that will be used.

How does air duct cleaning work?

Before hiring technicians to clean your air ducts, you will want to know the company’s duct cleaning process. Will your cleaners do a pre-cleaning inspection? What equipment will be used on your ductwork? Does your air duct cleaning company use chemicals? If so, are they safe for your family or pets? 

Knowing the process of how your air ducts will be cleaned will keep you informed of the type of work being performed in your house or business. This will ensure the job is done correctly, thoroughly, and, most importantly, safely.

Will my entire air duct system be cleaned?

According to the NADCA, an air duct cleaning company should place your entire duct system under negative pressure in order to properly clean it. Before hiring an air duct cleaning company, it is beneficial to make sure that they will clean your entire system, including your furnace, air conditioner, and supply and return air ducts. Instead, some cleaning services only address a portion of your air duct system. 

You can also ask your cleaning company to provide you with a visual inspection of the work once it is completed so you know exactly what was cleaned and can view the quality of the work.

Can your company provide proof of insurance?

A creditable cleaning company will have liability insurance in the event your home is damaged or a technician is injured during the cleaning process. It is not worth the risk of hiring a company that cannot provide you with written proof of insurance. 

You do not want to be responsible for accidents that happen on your property by hiring air duct cleaners who are not adequately insured. A respected and professional air duct cleaning company will be happy to provide you with proof of insurance. If not, it is best to keep looking around for a company who will.

Do you have references?

When hiring air duct cleaning professionals to work on the air duct system in your home or business, it is important to ask for references. A reputable company will be happy to provide you with them. It is also beneficial to thoroughly review the company’s website to learn more about their services as well as read online reviews about the company and their work. By doing research on the company before you decide to hire them, you can gauge how trustworthy the company is by reading what other customers have said about their services.

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If it has been awhile since your air ducts have been cleaned or you have noticed your allergies worsening, it may be time to professionally clean your ductwork. By asking these questions, you will have peace of mind knowing your air duct cleaning company is thoroughly and safely cleaning your air ducts.

As a NADCA-certified air duct cleaning company in Colorado Springs, Planet Duct knows how to properly clean your air ducts, improve your air quality, and ensure your HVAC system is operating as smoothly as possible. Our team of experts will provide you with out-of-this-world air duct cleaning to make sure the air you and your family breathe is safe and clean. Contact Planet Duct today!